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Upcoming Events



4th  Labor Day Holiday 

11th  MAR 3:30-5:30p 

18th  MAR 3:30-5:30p 

20th  Booster Club Meeting 7p 

21st  Orchestra Social 2:35-5p 

          @ JHS Large Cafeteria 

22nd  Student Holiday 

23rd  Region/All-State 

          Help Session/Clinic 

          @ Travis HS, 9a-3p 

25th  MAR 3:30-5:30p 

26th  Region Audition Contract 
           + Fee DUE 

26th  Adams JH FYO Demo Concert 

           @ JHS PAC, 5:45 p 

           (Sinfonia performance, 

            CREW needed) 

27th  Houston Food Bank Sign-Up 

           + Waiver Form DUE 

30th  Houston Food Bank 

            Volunteering, 1-4p @ 

            535 Portwall St. 
            Houston, TX. 77029 


2nd  MAR 3:30-5:30p 

9th  Columbus Day - No School 

MAR Sinfonia 1-3p 

MAR Sinfonietta 3:30-5:30p 

10th  Fall H.O.R. Concert 7p 
          @ JHS PAC 
          (Sinfonia & Sinfonietta) 

11th  10th Grade PSAT 

14th  HS Region Auditions @ Kerr HS 

16th  MAR 3:30-5:30p 

17th  11th Grade PSAT 

21st  JH Region Auditions @ JHS 

23rd  MAR  3:30-5:30p 

24th  Hauntcert (All Orchestras) 7p 

           @ JHS PAC 

27th  Pre-Area Auditions 

28th  All-State Recording 

30th  MAR 3:30-5:30p 

31st  Halloween 

Jordan HS Orchestra Student Awarded Outstanding Soloist at UIL State Solo and Ensemble

Nathan Xu.jpg

Congratulations to JHS Orchestra sophomore violinist Nathan Xu, who was recently awarded Outstanding Soloist at the 2023 UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest in Austin, TX!

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